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Thank you for your interest in Bronson Home Improvements, LLC. As you may have seen from the 'homepage' and my photo albums, I can provide you with a fairly wide variety of home improvement services. Let me provide you with a little background of myself and business.

My family and I moved to Virginia in 1999, from New England.  My original career in the zoological field is what brought us to Virginia. I came to oversee the remodeling, revamping and restocking of a local upstart zoo. I had the privilege of growing up on a small family owned zoo & amusement park located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. My family lived on the premises thus, I grew up amongst some very unique experiences. This lifestyle offered me the opportunities to develop a wide variety of skills. We were involved in exotic animal care, building/remodeling along with virtually all other aspects of park management. My father was a strong believer in operating such a place, one must learn all aspects of the operation.  Being the 'boss's son', this trait was especially directed along to me. Additionally, many members of my extended family are/were in the carpentry and contractor field. I picked up experiences wherever I could.

After college, I worked an additional 20+ years in the private sector of the zoological field, functioning in various management positions.  For 10 years, I operated my own African Elephant management, training and rehabilitation business. This was one of the most rewarding and memorable periods of my life. Articles regarding my work were featured in two national magazines. My careers have always allowed me to develop new and varied skills. These positions always held high demands for responsibility, dedication and hard work. These traits, I sill carry through to my work today.

I established Bronson Home Improvements, LLC,  in May of 2001. Since, I've enjoyed the privilege of working with a wide variety of clients in northern Virginia. Working one on one with clients is an aspect of this business that I enjoy. Assisting with design and construction options, then seeing a project through to completion is quite rewarding. 

My work ranges from handyman services to remodeling. Services such as painting, window/door installation along with minor electrical and plumbing repairs. I also provide a wide variety of carpentry services including, framing, trim/molding installation and decking. Drywall installation and repairs are offered also. If you are in need of tiling, I can custom build showers, tile floors and back splashes.  

If you're considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, I would love to help. There are immense opportunities here for decorative enhancement and functionality. Here you can truly have great decorative input and a large return in satisfaction. Plus, you acquire a great return in equity. If bookcases or built-ins are a consideration, I would be happy to assist in designing and custom building bookcases or full wall units. These projecsts are designed to suite your specific needs and interests. Additionally, I have custom built desks, vanities, tables and many other 'client specific' projects. Some other unique projects have included - motorable docks, cat houses, kids furniture and a few tree houses!

References are always available upon request. Be sure to check out my photo album. Additional photos of various projects can be provided also.

I look forward to speaking with you about your next home improvement project.
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